How to Sell on Grand Shopping Zone:

We have a simple 5-Step Guide to Sell on Grand Shopping Zone:

1. Register as a seller on TCW

Provide basic details about you and your business like Company name, GST details, registered address, bank account details, etc and voila, you are now few steps away from becoming a seller on Grand Shopping Zone!

2. Upload Your Products

Create a listing of the products and services that you intend to sell online. You can have as low as 1 product to start selling.

3. Receive Orders & Queries

Once the customers start seeing your products online on the website, you will start receiving orders and inquiries.

4. Fulfill Orders and Deliver Them

Pack and ship the orders or let us handle the shipping and get your products delivered to your customers.

5. Receive Payment

Receive direct deposit of payments in your bank account upon successful fulfilment of orders.